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Saturday, January 7, 2012

December 18

Hey Mom, Dad and Kids!
I am settling in to mission life just fine.  I will be calling home on the 26th so it will be Christmas day for you over there. I will call around noon from a members home probably a land line so it will be 4 or 5pm there on Christmas day!  Tell Ty i love his guts and cant wait to hear from him. Im in the process of writing him a letter along with individual letter to all of you. They are supposed to be a Christmas gift, but i havnt mailed them yet so they will most likely be a new years gift! 
I am feeling fantastic,  I am having a blast in New Zealand, people are different but im coming to love them! Its a blast with Elder Tamale, he is so funny! Can't stop laughing with him, He knows when to work and when to play so we get along real well.  We taught our investigators Evelyn and Raymond about the Gospel of Jesus Christ last wednesday and we will have a baptisimal date for them next week sometime.  They came to church yesterday so that was awesome! We are going to start teaching their friend tony and we have twenty potential investigators that will be new investigators after this coming week!! So success is coming and it feels fantastic!! On saturday when I prayed us out, I asked that we might be guided to those that He has prepared to hear from us and that we might set appointments with them so we can teach the word.  That day we set ten appointments for Wednesday and Thursday this week. Marvelous answers to prayer come everyday.  Miracles are to be found every second of everyday.  I see God's hand in everything we do.  The spirit guides all day everyday.  Its amazing how much we repent to have the spirit with us.  One night i noticed i hadnt made my bed that morning so i asked for forgiveness for not making my bed.  I asked forgiveness for writing in my journal during personal study. We ask for forgivness for the littlest things and it is absolutely amazing that when we strive to be better we have a greatly increased power when we find and teach.  We are more submissive to the guidance of the spirit.  
In the week i have been here i helped a family move for nine hours and helped the branch president with his deck in his back yard. It's amazing how much i use the skills i have learned in my life in the mission field. It goes a long ways when you tell someone you've painted before, or built fences, or done drywall or stone or landscaping.  Not to mention its amazing how much i have used my higher education to answer questions and also how much i use thingsIi learned in seminary or institute.  Trevan needs to ask Bro. Pledger about the dead sea scrolls and the apocrapha because I remember learning about that in seminary and a potential investigator said he doesnt beleive in the bible because it doesnt contain the apocrapha and I remember Bro. Pledger talking about that stuff, I would really like to know what he has to say about that so after break Trevan if you could do that!!! It would be awesome!  Im realizing how big of a miracle it was to have the opportunity to go to UCAS i know that was the correct choice at that age to go to that school..I read a verse in 1 nephi 20 where Christ says basically dont complain about the afflictions you go through, because you have been chosen to endure those afflictions, you have gained the privilege to be put in the refiners fire to learn and grow to your potentials! What an amazing scripture that is.  As hard as things can be at times, they are always for our benefit, we have to look for the benefit.  There are Miracles everywhere, we ask for blessings everyday, but whats the point in asking for blessings when we dont notice the blessings?  I know that when we thank Heavenly Father for blessings, he can open the windows of heaven wider than ever before.  Its a constant process of ask, seek and thank. 
There was an earthquake in eWllington just before I landed. President Kezerian said it was a 2.8, couldn't even feel it.  Cant feel earthquakes unless its a 4 I hear. Congrats Trevan on finishing your 21 credit semester strong!! Thats how its done!! I admire your efforts, I could have never done 21 credits, I could barely keep up at 17.  You will be greatly blessed for enduring that fire! Im praying for snow too, but its summer here so i dont think that will happen! hahaha. But you'll get to go soon!! Shaelynne, keep hasseling mom and dad for that learners license! ahahaha, you need to start driving!! Congrats on the 1000 dollar mark in babysitting cash! keep working hard, all that cash will pay off.  Save half for college and a mission!! and never forget tithing! Brooklyn, I'm so happy about your basketball team, thats awesome!!! Im glad your dance performances were great! Im sorry you got kicked in the face, just make sure to kick her back next time :) Thank you for keeeping Welli warm and happy :)  I love all  of you so much!!! Have a fantastic Christmas, i'm looking forward to calling you!!!
Mom I love you so much and I am so grateful for all your care and support and love for me.  Your words hit straight on my heart everytime I hear them!!  Your words mean so much to me and I couldnt be more grateful for them. You are a prime example of a Christlike person.  You have given me everything and all I have done is take, take, take.  Being on a mission hopefully gives back to you!
Dad, I cant say much cus i got to get off. But thank you for being such a fantastic Father and teaching me the trades :) I love you so much!
Tell Ty and Jessica i couldnt ask for better friends and I Love em both!!
Love Elder Cottle

Pictures from the Wellington New Zealand Mission
South Island Christmas Party

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