"For God hath not given the spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND." 2 Timothy 1:7
Do not be afraid or ashamed of the gospel you bear, for Christ is your companion wherever you go!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 5, 2012

Dad, I just have to say, I am an Elder not a Braden haha. It is a very important calling, so important. I'm in charge of saving souls and if I don’t do my best, I’m in trouble with Lord haha. Time flies like it’s nothing, next week is my 9 month mark, it’s going by so fast.   It was a great week to meet with President Kezerian and get some great advice on how to be a more effective missionary for my Savior. President Kezerian told me in our interview last week that I need to get moving just a little faster because my mission is getting shorter and shorter...and it definitely is.  President Kezerian has deeply inspired my life, he helped me so much last week it is amazing.  He told me the Lord loves me and that He wants me here at this time. He said I am doing what the Lord wants me to do.  President also said that he vividly knew I should be here in Napier at this time because the Lord vividly revealed it to him.  I believe that.  We have the Priesthood of God, the right to become Kings and Priests forever after the order of Melchezidek, to have Eternal Life even as our Father in Heaven has, which eternal life is the life God lives himself. We have the authority to have things revealed to us, to move mountains and create worlds without end if we are worthy, sanctified and willing.  It is this priesthood that caused that great miracle with Grandpa, that wasn’t coincidence, I know it was the power of God.  I read a book called "Drawing on the Powers of Heaven" it’s only 88 pages and it changed my life and my perspective.  You should find it and read it dad, it is absolutely amazing.

I’m glad to always hear of the great things going on back home.  I am over joyed to hear from you today mom.  It’s just been a rough week but we keep moving forward.  I sure hope people feel the spirit I take to their home, I pray it will always. People treat us like we are monsters haha. I know that this is the work of my Savior though so I will keep pushing right along!  I’m glad to prepare the lessons for family home evening haha, that’s awesome!  I have learned so much about the priesthood over the past few weeks and we truly don’t live up to our privilege to have the Priesthood, we always need to be working harder and harder so that we can use this great blessing of power righteously.  We need to be ready for the promptings of the spirit and in the right mindset to hear them so that we can be guided in the light of Christ. Thank you Mom for raising me to realize the great blessings and privileges we have.  I am truly humbled each and every day when I put my badge on to represent the Lord Jesus Christ in bringing our Father's children to the knowledge of the truth.  President Kezerian told me he had a Vivid revelation from the Lord to send me to this area to be District Leader at this time. I am truly blessed to have such a great mission President.  He told me that the Lord loves me and I just burst into tears, because you know me I always think I’m twenty steps behind the mark but I’m in fact twenty steps ahead.  I love my savior and I will burn as many shoes as I can in his service.

I haven’t got a suit yet, it’s going to cost me about 179 dollars here and if I need shoes another 50 so I am just saving my money up. I will let you know what I need and when I need it.  Mom can you just save what you are going to send me and send it for my birthday? then that’s the half way mark and I should be able to use it all for another year.  Thank you mom for your support temporally and spiritually. I am so grateful for you Mom.  And when you send something, can you cut it in half and I will give the other to my companion? Love you Mom!

Oh Mom, the members love me now! hahaha. I got myself loved. the oldest member in the branch calls me her "pakeha grandson" hahaha. Pakeha is like saying white people. We had a stake songfest on Saturday where each ward had to sing one hymn, a primary song and a fun song and then they had five minutes to dance on stage. Well our priesthood is relatively small so I got to participate in the songfest.  Well we sang you can make the pathway bright, you are my sunshine and Jesus wants me for a sunbeam then danced to dancing queen and waterloo by Abba hahahaha. Well Mom I went all out and had everyone laughing so hard as I was dancing in my suit, some of the members got me on camera so I will see if I can get the footage for you because It was absolutely hilarious, well our ward won a prize for it so I was happy and as I was walking off stage everyone was like "ki ora elder' "great dancing elder" "good one bro." hahahaha. It was so funny. So all the kids and the members and the youth love me to pieces now so when I asked for referrals they all hop skipped jumped to give us some people to visit hahaha. I will look for that lady that Shae met. She is lucky she mixed up the nationality in America because it wouldn’t have been good if she mixed it up here ha-ha, aussies and kiwis are like PG and AF ha-ha. 

I am glad Brooklyn found the good things out of girls camp, sounds like me after scout camp haha.  Love you Brooklyn! I hope they both had fun!! 

Well Trevan this is it man, moving out and becoming a man! Good luck with everything my brother. keep working hard and please remember nothing matters but eternal life, that place is full of party kids, have the courage to say no and remember the Lord is with you wherever you go! I hope you have a great few weeks left with the family! Prepare well to move because it makes for a happy life! Love you my brother.

Oh wow that’s uhm.....that’s not good. Was it the same knee she had problems with before? oh no! Well I better pray for her right now.  Did it slice any tendons or ACL or mcl or meniscus or anything? Far out.  Well she shouldn’t of said bring it on.  I believe in the priesthood of God, if she was blessed to heal and serve a faithful mission she will, especially if the blessing came from her father!  I know it’s the power of God, she will be healed just like anyone. \

Tell her it’s okay, the Lord loves her and he wants the best for her. He knew this was coming, he's coming to the rescue.  He will provide for her, she doesn’t need to worry about the money, the Lord wants her testimony and her divine gift to love everyone around her. I hope she's okay. She will be healed sooner than she thinks, give it 9 weeks, that’s right 3 weeks early! hahaha. :) Hang in there Jessica, the pain will be gone.  Mom have her read Revelation chapter 2-4 and to look for all the verses with the word "overcome" and to look at everything she is promised!! And also to read D&C 122.

I love you Mommy! thank you for everything, all your love, support and care for me.  I am working hard for you, all is going well here.  I am excited to serve the Lord for another 14 months.  I love you. Keep moving forward Mom.

Hey Dad, I hope those agents figure it out before my two years are up or they might lose their Job to me, I will be pre-trained in sales :)  hahaha.  I pray for you every night dad to have the perseverance and the patience to keep moving forward in this Job you have been in for 22 years  keep up the hard work dad.  I think I finally realize how hard it really is doing the same job everyday, the same things over and over again.  But It’s a blessing to have a job and it’s a blessing to be a missionary.  I found that if we let ourselves look negative at things, we just get more frustrated and tired.  Keep going strong Dad.  I want you to read Revelation chapters 2-4 and pick out all of the verses that use the word "overcome." and look at all the blessings that come when we overcome things in this life temporal and spiritual. And I know Heavenly Father doesn’t get annoyed, I think he just laughs at us :) hahahaha.

That is so awesome those two trips you had with Trevan, wish I could be there, but I’m here. That’s great you are spending as much time with him as possible. I really enjoyed all the things we did right before I left, I really appreciate it dad.  I love you so much for the many opportunities you have given me to learn, experience and grow in this life. Thank you Dad.

I hope you all have a great time at Lake Powell!! Make sure someone does the seal action and noises :) hahaha.  Don’t get to tan, I might mistake you for a Maori when I get home haha. Thanks for the email Dad and the great fishing stories, I know the 18 inch cutthroat will be 24 inches by the time I get home :) hahahaq. Love you Dad, have a great week.

Love Elder Cottle  

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