"For God hath not given the spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND." 2 Timothy 1:7
Do not be afraid or ashamed of the gospel you bear, for Christ is your companion wherever you go!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

July 22, 2012

Well I’m glad I was able to send a letter to the YM . That’s great! I have many weaknesses but I am blessed with the ability to articulate and convey my thoughts and feelings and knowledge (the little I have)  You know those things I said in my letter to them are very real, it is scary how real they are.  Miracles don’t just come to us, miracles can only be experienced and opened by a triple tumbler combination lock. One tumbler falls when we exercise faith to pray, the next tumbler falls according to our personal righteousness, and the last tumbler falls in place if the thing we ask for is expedient in his infinite wisdom. So yes exact obedience is the price we pay for miracles. Miracles fill the hunger of our spirit, just like buying food at the grocery store to fill our physical hunger, we must also check out with the miracle. These things are not just free, but the Lord has shown us the way to acquire all things we stand in need of through faith, prayer, and obedience. I’m glad that those young men were able to take something away from the things I had to say.
I'm glad to hear that Trevan was able to make it to the High Adventure Camp! I hope he is doing better.  Ironically we just gave a priesthood blessing to a little girl who just had her tonsils out, she had a website up on her computer that allowed her to type what she had to say then the computer would say it, pretty cool. That camp must have been awesome, I glad dad and Trevan had such a great time. Dad is going on all these fishing trips now that I’m gone, I must be bad luck.....keep catching those fish dad cus when I get home, no more fish :) hahaha. Hope you and Trevan have a great time on the fishing trip at Island Park! Hey Trevan, hope you feel better man, keep being strong dude.  You sound like you are getting huge man! I better step up my work out in the morning or you will be stronger and taller one day ha-ha.

Brooklyn, I am so proud of you, soloing in front of hundreds of people! shux! keep up the good voice. Everyday I practice the hymns and try to sing like you but it just doesn’t work so I started singing while pulling back and forth on the skin of my neck, my companion can’t stop laughing when I do that! :) Keep practicing that violin and cello, haha, keep doing so well at sounding out the song :) Shaelynne, stop driving so much! can you even see over the steering wheel? hahaha, just kidding. That must be exciting having all that freedom to drive and take Brooklyn everywhere and do fun things.  Continue to be safe. Don’t ever drive before having a prayer of faith for safety!
Who is reading their scriptures everyday????? I have a challenge. Finish the Book of Mormon by Christmas! Will you all strive to finish by Christmas?? I promise that as you read the Book of Mormon, you can apply everything you learn to your everyday life, it takes some thought, but I promise that it will bless you in your life, you will have more strength to do the many busy things you have to do, you will feel the peace and love of our heavenly father enter in your hearts, you will feel the holy spirit leading you and guiding you, you will have increase desire and strength to choose the right! 

My area is going okay.  Those baptism dates were for a couple of younger boys and they fell through because we want to get the whole family. Everyday we experience miracles on the streets we knock.  On Friday we knocked all day long! We found this  man named Morris who told us about some experiences he has had through prayer, he got a job, he is now able to buy a house for his family and then he said, "and now you two show up to my door." we gave him a Book of Mormon and then taught the entire first lesson there on his doorstep.  We have given out more than six BOM's this week so our area is getting blessed. My companion Elder Eneri was able to do his first baptism this week in the sisters area for a Kirabus family.  That was a neat experience. The girl had a big fluffy white dress on so He had to dunk her for practice then baptize :) Elder Eneri put her under the water then kept pushing the dress down haha, I wish I could show you what it looked like.  What a neat experience.  There are people getting baptized in my last area and in New Plymouth where I worked for three weeks. Things are going well.  I’m excited for the things ahead.  I have 100% of the members trust here in Omahu ward in Napier. It’s awesome. Yesterday I was able to give four priesthood blessings to people with the flu.  There is a flu epidemic in new Zealand and its knocking everyone flat, I thought I got it this morning but it was just that dumb migraine I get once in a while. but Christchurch has a lot of people in the hospital, anyways, remember in your prayers.  Christchurch must be a wicked place, earthquakes and plagues. 
Keep up the great work family, I love you all.
Love Elder Cottle.

P.S. Mom thank you for always thinking of me, I can feel your love everyday. I am doing good on my uniform, Just go day by day.  I have really learned how to sew by hand haha!  I will let you know what else I need :) Thank You mom!!! I’m getting pictures today and am also attaching some to this email.

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