"For God hath not given the spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND." 2 Timothy 1:7
Do not be afraid or ashamed of the gospel you bear, for Christ is your companion wherever you go!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday DAD!!!
Hope you have a fantastic day. 47 this year huh? Wow. :) I sent a card, I hope you got it by now, if not, sorry.  I found out about transfers on Saturday morning.  Well I finished training here in Waitara and I am leaving. I am going to Omahu, Napier in Hawks Bay, the paradise of the mission, I knew being obedient would pay off.  And here is the crazy news, President Kezerian called on Saturday morning, we are not supposed to know about transfers until the Monday, but he called Saturday and thanked me for training and for doing a good job in my area. Then He told me I would be moving to Omahu, Napier Area....Where I will be serving as a District Leader. I will be with a missionary from the Kirabus Islands Elder Eneri. Funny thing is my Trainer Elder Tamale was is the district leader in the area I am going to and he is going home this week, and I'm going to take his place.

Last night we were visiting all our members in the area and one of our members Bro. McDonald came home with a bunch of Lamprey Eeels, didnt even kill them and threw them in the oven alive.  Then he gave us a big feed of eels.  I ate four of them. Guts and all, man they are good! We get the best seafood down here. Its been a great week and Im looking forward to my new area.  All the missionaries in the district are older than me so its going to be funny being the district leader. But I came here to Serve the Savior and make my family proud so im taking the steps and doing my best. Thank you dad for the email.  Good to hear from you. I hope you have a great birthday! Love you

Mom, How are you today? Im so sorry I havent sent letters for a while, I havn't even got around to sending pictures, im so sorry. My whole mind and strength is towards helping my companion  and serve this branch.  Now Im going District Leader so I will be super busy now! I love you, I promise, I know the best way to show it is to do my best out here and make you proud.  I am doing well and am happy

I love you MOm

Love Elder Cottle

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