"For God hath not given the spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND." 2 Timothy 1:7
Do not be afraid or ashamed of the gospel you bear, for Christ is your companion wherever you go!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

February 5, 2012

The past few weeks flew by like it was nothing. It sounds like so much has gone on back home. Last Monday I had limited time to email then the keyboard broke while I was in the middle of an email so I tried to send what I had but I guess it didn’t make it to you. I'm really sorry about that, it left a hole in my plans for the week. I know you all look forward to me writing home. But can say I have been keeping extremely busy with Elder Tamale. All is well in Zion.

They tell us to have our families send letters and packages to the mission home because the church apparently has a deal with the post service. The NZ Post Service is terrible so they like us to have you send those important things to the mission home, then they re-stamp it and send it to our flat

It’s great to hear about all the good things going on back home. I pray for You, Dad, Trevan, Shae and Brooklyn every night and I don’t forget about Josh or Jon. Or my closest friends. So I hope each and everyone is feeling the blessings that come from supporting the missionaries all over the world.

Brooklyn, I love you and I am very proud of you! I can’t believe how smart you are! Keep up the good work in school and everything else! Good luck with you play/musical and with your science project :) Always remember I love you, but most importantly your Heavenly Father loves you and your Savior Jesus Christ loves you more than you can imagine :)

Shaelynne, think of this, "If Jesus were to see me today, how would I want to appear to him?" Red highlights would look great in that beautiful blonde hair of yours, but just remember what I told you just barely to think about. Put some red in the under layers of your hair. Then when it pokes out everyone thinks it’s awesome.  So that’s my advice :) I’m excited to hear you are driving, just be careful :) And as you begin to "date" in a month and a half, always remember that you are a daughter of God and only go for those that I would approve of. You will know who to give the time of day and not to. Just remember to be hard to get :) I love you always!

Trevan, Keep up the Hard works my man! :) Your no NERD, you just apply yourself :) remember that excuse I used to use :) You were always smarter and quicker than I was so keep it up alright?! Never Give up. Read Romans chapter 8 when you’re having a hard time alright? Love you dude :) You're Scox mate! (meaning you’re a stud).

Mom and Dad, thank you for all the support and all the love. Thank you for working hard every day and teaching all of us kids how to make it in the world and how to be good people. Never forget that though we had some hills to climb, I love you because you are the best parents in the world! I must have been a smart spirit before this life to have chosen you as my loving parents.

Elder Tamale and I are having quite the success. We have a solid baptismal date, Daniel McCleren (who is actually the famous formula 1 driver's nephew). We are teaching Steven Seagal's cousin :) and we will have two more baptism dates this week set for the month of March. We took a trip to a small town named Cheviot on Friday and found seven solid families to teach. We witnessed how they had been prepared to see us! I am out of time, but I will send pictures next week of the trip. We helped a lady from Iraq get gas on the way back to Rangiora. And I actually met this guy named Chris who was in the US army in 97 when they were first after Sudam Hussein. This guy said he had his sights on him in 97 but they called the shot off!!! I have met some pretty cool people here and tend to get along with everyone I meet! We have interviews with President Kezerian this week and Elder Tamale keeps telling me he is going to tell President I’m ready to train. He is a crack up!

I love all of you very much!

Love, Elder Cottle!

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